can’t reach inner inner object using keyvalue pair in Angular with firebase

I have a json object that has an inner object called data, which has data: {count: 9, message: "9 sites synced"} – also json object. I’m trying to get the value from message, not from count. Here is my template code:

<div class="full-width border-radius-4 overflow-hidden">
  <!-- Header -->
  <div class="head accent p-24 pb-16" fxLayout="column" fxLayoutAlign="space-between">
    <div fxLayout="row" fxLayoutAlign="end center">
  <mat-accordion class="full-width example-headers-align" multi *ngIf="liveActions$ | async as actions; else: loading">
    <mat-expansion-panel *ngFor="let action of actions">
      <mat-expansion-panel-header *ngIf="action.type == 'single'">
        <mat-panel-description fxFlex="30%">
          <div class="lgreen material-icons" *ngIf="action.status  == 'completed'">done_all</div>
          <div class="red material-icons" *ngIf="action.status == 'pending'">pending_actions</div>
          <div class="blue material-icons" *ngIf="action.status == 'queued'">pending</div>
          <div class="yellow material-icons" *ngIf="action.status == 'error'">error</div>
        <mat-panel-description fxFlex="40%">{{action.key}}</mat-panel-description>
        <div *ngFor="let dataItem of action?.data | keyvalue">{{dataItem?.value?.message}}
        <!--        <mat-panel-description>{{action.startDate | date:'medium'}}</mat-panel-description>-->
  <ng-template #loading>Loading&hellip;</ng-template>

when I do {{dataItem?.value?.message}} I get nothing. When I do dataItem.value, I get the values for both count and message.

I need only the value from message. What am I doing wrong??

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