Angular + Jasmine: How to ignore/ mock one function in the tested component (not in a dependency)?


I know how to mock a function from a dependency, but now I have one function that is not in a dependency, it’s in the actual component that I want to test. How can I tell jasmine to simply ignore it?

When I run ng test this test fails:

enter image description here

The reason for this is this function that I import from an external library:

import { documentToHtmlString } from '@contentful/rich-text-html-renderer';

(Contentful is a content managament service that I use in my project.)

In my component this function gets called here:

ngOnInit() {
  //the next line keeps the test from creating, I don't really care to test this function, how can I mock it?:
  // a lot more stuff that I actually need to test

serializeContentfulRichText(contentfulText: any) {
    return documentToHtmlString(contentfulText, this.myRenderingOptions);

When I delete the documentToHtmlString line and just return null the rest of the test works and I can test my whole component. But of course I can’t just delete this line in my actual component, I just want to ignore/mock it in my test.

I tried it with a spy:

it('should create', () => {
    let spy = spyOn(component, 'serializeContentfulRichText')

But the spy doesn’t get called and the component doesnt get created (Both expectations fail).

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