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I implemented a functionality in angular, Where i’m showing the filtered array details in grid.
on clicking a button in grid, i’m calling a function onAcceptClick() whre we can update the record.
When the record is updated, i need to refresh the filtered array, without reloading the page.
Help me achieve this functionality.

  filtered : any=[];
  Form: FormGroup;

    onOptionsSelected() {
      if (this.Form.invalid) {
        alert('Please choose an option')
      this.filtered = this.studentInfo.filter(t=>t.Id == this.selected);

    public Response: any = [];

    onClick(index: number, id: string, roll_no: string){
      const obj = {
        id : id,
        roll_no : roll_no,
     this.Srvc.postmethod('students', obj).subscribe((response:any)=>{
        this.Response = response;
        if(this.Response.status === 200)
          alert('Record updated');                  

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