Angular prerender i18n confusion

We rely heavily on angular i18n for localization.
Usually we would create one folder for locale using command

ng build some-project --localize

This would create /dist/some-project/en/ and /dist/some-project/de/

npm run prerender outputs only one in /dist/some-project/browser/ ignoring –localize flag all together.
My question is: is prerender option still in some kind of beta? should we avoid it for now, or am i missing something here?

My understanding is i would have to create separate static pages for each locale.

Here is my angular.json

"prerender": {
      "builder": "@nguniversal/builders:prerender",
      "options": {
        "browserTarget": "offer:build:prod",
        "serverTarget": "offer:server:prod",
        "routes": [
      "configurations": {
        "prod": {}

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