HTTP Patch partial update with more complex object, ASP.NET Core API & Angular 8

I’ll post where I’ve gone so far, I am using ASP.NET Core’s JsonPatchDocument for patching.

Angular part:

  // Prepare objects for update, property total and timesheetDetails.timesheetDetailDates
    // quantity and shortDescription need to be updated.
    const timesheetDetails = [
      {timesheetDetails: {timesheetDetailDates: details}}
    const total =  [
      {total: }
    this.updateOnSubmit(timesheetDetails, total);

  updateOnSubmit(details: any, total: any) {
    const x = JSON.stringify(details);
    const y = JSON.stringify(total);
    const body = [{
      op: "replace",
      path: "/timesheetDetails",
      value: x
      op: "replace",
      path: "/total",
      value: y

    this.tService.patchTimesheet(this.timesheetId, body).subscribe((date) => {
      if (date !== null) {

This is what the request looks like:

enter image description here

And for the backend:

[HttpPatch("{id}", Name = "PatchTimesheet")]
        public async Task<IActionResult> PatchTimesheet(int id, [FromBody] JsonPatchDocument<Timesheet> timesheetPatchDocument)
            var timesheet = await _timesheetManager.GetTimesheet(id);
            return Ok(timesheet);

What ApplyTo() returns is:

The value ‘[{"timesheetDetails":{"timesheetDetailDates":[[
{"quantity":4,"shortDescription":"Work description for 14.01."},
{"quantity":0,"shortDescription":"Work description for 15.01"},
{"quantity":0,"shortDescription":""}]]}}]…’ is invalid for target

Here is what my actual model looks like:

public class Timesheet
    public int Id { get; set; }
    public int TimesheetStatusId { get; set; }
    public String Unit { get; set; }
    public List<TimesheetDetails> TimesheetDetails {get; set;}
    public int Total { get; set; }

So you got the idea, Timesheet has a collection of timesheet details which has a collection of timesheet detail dates.
I passed total and timesheetdetails.timesheetdetaildates, quantity and shortDescription properties, they all exist in my model class as well.

I know I’m missing something here, haven’t messed with patching before, but what I could find were only simple examples.

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