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I am trying to develop a dynamic menu with angular and bootstrap for angular. Specifically, I have been able to get the menus and submenus to display on the page, but the submenus are drawn on top of each other.

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To do this development I have started from the examples on the page "Angular for Bootstrap", adding * ngFor to make it dynamic but I have run into the problem of overlapping the buttons. Could someone guide me on how I could fix the problem?

<div class="btn-group mr-3" *ngFor="let appMenu of appMenus">
  <div class="btn-group" ngbDropdown role="group" aria-label="Button group with nested dropdown" >
    <button class="btn btn-outline-primary fontSize2rem" ngbDropdownToggle>{{ appMenu.appMenuName }}</button>
    <div class="dropdown-menu" *ngFor="let appMenuItem of appMenu.appMenuItemList" ngbDropdownMenu>
      <button ngbDropdownItem class="fontSize2rem" [routerLink]="appMenuItem.path">{{ appMenuItem.appMenuItemName }}</button>

Thank you very much in advance.

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