How can I create a word carousel with a smooth changing text in Angular?

I’m currently looking for a way to implement this answer from this question here in Angular:

I want my text change animation in javascript to have smooth transition

The problem is that I’m new to angular and worked a lot with jQuery which would make this task really simple but now I need to work with Angular and I’m really stuck on this.

Initially I’ve tried a typewriter library but this way a bit too much "animation":

ngAfterViewInit() {
  if (this.pageImageTitle.headline.typewriter) {
    new Typewriter(this.typewriter.nativeElement, {
      strings  : this.pageImageTitle.headline.typewriter,
      autoStart: true,
      loop     : true,
      delay    : '40'

Can anyone show me the way dealing with this in Angular? I know that there are animation in angular from a different question and I know I just could copy the JS at the top but instead I want to know the right solution for angular.

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