How do I use ng-data-model with a image? <input> file angularjs

I’m not been able to figure out how to display the image I upload with data-init, unlike input for color is actually working

<input id="image-value" type="file" accept="image/*" class="custom-file-input" data-ng-model="imageSlide">

I wanted to use {{imageSlide}} to call it for this div. It worked with data-ng-init hardcoded // data-ng-init="imageSlide=”" but it won’t change the value if you upload something else so it’s basically useless.

 <div class="d-block preview-this image-slide" style="z-index: 1; background-image:url('{{imageSlide}}'); background-color:{{colorValue}};">

I can’t make use of ng controller & I don’t know how to. fix this.. anyone knows If this is actually possible?

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