How do I pass angular services into Tabulator JS?

I am attempting to set a rowClick() function on a Tabulator table.
The rowClick() will pass the row Data into a service.

import { Component, AfterViewInit } from '@angular/core';
import { FuzeUser } from 'src/app/models/fuze-user';
import { UserEditService } from 'src/app/services/user-edit.service';
import { UserService } from 'src/app/services/user.service';
import Tabulator from 'tabulator-tables';

  selector: 'app-user-table',
  templateUrl: './user-table.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./user-table.component.scss']
export class UserTableComponent implements AfterViewInit {

  tab = document.createElement('div');
  public tableName: string = 'fuze-user-table';
  private columns: any[] = [];
  private rows: any[] = [];
  table: Tabulator;
  public drawn: boolean = false;

  constructor(private userService: UserService, private userEditService: UserEditService) {

  private drawTable(): void {
    this.table = new Tabulator(, {
      layout: "fitDataStretch",
      movableColumns: true,
      pagination: "local",
      paginationSize: 25,
      paginationSizeSelector: [25, 50, 100],
      selectable: true,
      selectableRangeMode: "click",
      data: this.rows,
      columns: this.columns,
      rowClick:function(e, id, data, row){

I have also attempted to create a function, that calls this.userEditService.setUser, within my component class, and then passed that method to tabulator. This also failed because the method passed cannot find anything within the scope of the service.

I think that the service cannot be found because the scope of "this" within the rowClick() function only exists within the Tabulator object. How do I go about getting access to my service from within the tabulator object?

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