Elastic Search: Unable to retrieve yesterday’s and today’s records

I am trying to query an elk cluster through a subscription method but it does not return today’s and yesterday’s record. This is the function that does a POST request to the cluster, I use _search at the end of the url in order to perform the search:

 getIncomingMessages(from:Number, size:Number, fromTime: String, toTime:String, sort:String){

 let query= { "query": {
  "bool": {
      "must": [
              "range": {
                  "@timestamp": {
                      "gte": "fromTime",
                       "lte":  "toTime"
              "query_string": {
                  "query": "json.message:incoming"
  }},"sort": [
  "@timestamp": {
    "order": sort
}], "from": from, "size": size} return this.http.post(this.url1, query) //url1 is just the url of the cluster

This is the subscription method:

getIncomingMessages(from:Number, size:Number, fromDate: String, toDate:String, sort:String){

this.inObs = this.dataService.getIncomingMessages(from, size, fromDate, toDate, sort).subscribe(data =>{
  let msg = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(data))
  for(let hit in msg.hits.hits){
    let  msgdate =msg.hits.hits[hit]["_source"]["@timestamp"]
    let date = new Date(msgdate)

})   }

I call this subscription method inside ngOnInit():

toDate:Date = new Date()
  fromDate:Date = new Date(new Date().setDate(this.fromDate.getDate()-1)) //yesterday's date
this.getIncomingMessages(0, 10, this.fromDate.toISOString(),this.toDate.toISOString(), "desc"  )

Is it something to do with the subscription promises by any chance? This is my first time working with Angular and Elk so any kind guidance would be helpful!

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