Protractor not able to move price slider

I am new to protractor, trying to test price slider which may sort products based on provided price range, i could not able to drag the slider(min point) using protractor. how to move the slider?


<span _ngcontent-serverapp-c119="" ngxsliderhandle="" class="ngx-slider-span ngx-slider-pointer ngx-slider-pointer-min" ng-reflect-ng-style="[object Object]" role="slider" tabindex="0" aria-orientation="" aria-label="" aria-labelledby="" aria-valuenow="10" aria-valuetext="10" aria-valuemin="10" aria-valuemax="100" style="opacity: 1; visibility: visible; left: 0px;"></span>

Slider Image
enter image description here

I tried with

    const priceTogggle = element(
            '//span[@class="ngx-slider-span ngx-slider-pointer ngx-slider-pointer-min"]'

browser.actions().mouseMove(priceTogggle).mouseDown().mouseMove({x:100,y:0 }).mouseUp().perform()

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