How to specify formControlName on lazy loaded Angular component in Ivy that implements ControlValueAccessor?

My objective is to lazy load a specific component, to increase performance. I have used this guide, and it’s working great for simple use-cases. My issue is that the component in question that I try to lazy load implements ControlValueAccessor, and is therefore consumed with the formControlName property. How do I add this when lazyloading the component?

Cmpt code

@ViewChild('editWysiwigContainer', { read: ViewContainerRef })
async ngAfterViewInit() {
    // setTimeout(async () => {
    const { EddystoneWysiwigComponent } = await import(
    const eddystoneWysiwigFactory = this.cfr.resolveComponentFactory(
    const { instance } = this.editWysiwigContainer.createComponent(
    instance.state = 'editOnly';
    instance.updateOnBlur = true;
    instance.height = 150;
    // There is no formControlName here - how do I "fix" this?
    instance.placeholder = 'leave a comment';


<div formControlName="comment">
   <ng-container #editWysiwigContainer></ng-container>

Any help is very welcome, would be SUCH a cool feature to obtain with Ivy 💕

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