how to extend ngrx/data with Entity Effects?

when converting an application to make use of ngrx state management, I decided to manage the state of some models with ngrx/data via EntityMaps. This works fine so far, however when things get a little more complex, e.g. based on fetched model data from a remote server I need related models (orders->products or in REST endpoint format GET orders/:id/products) I feel stuck – I know there is ngrx/effects to trigger actions that load other data when using ngrx, and in this ngrx/data guide here ( EntityEffects are mentioned to trigger side effects with actions, but other than that the docs seem to be in progress and are not of much help to me now.

Unfortunately, there is not much about extending the EntityEffects to customize the fetching of remote data. Of course I could go all the way down implementing selectors, actions, reducers, effects the standard ngrx way, but isn’t the whole point of ngrx/data to make state handling easier with less boilerplate code and act kind of as a wrapper around ngrx, hiding the default/boilerplate code but still providing a way to use the underlying parts?

Since I am relativerly new to ngrx and state management in general, I don’t know where to exactly look for best practices or a recommended solution, how this problem is handled.

So my questions basically are: how can I at the same time use ngrx/data and load (related) model data with ngrx/effects or EntityEffects? where do I extend the appropriate services / classes without having to implement every reducer/action manually and instead letting ngrx/data take care of that?

I already searched Stackoverflow, Gitter and asked colleagues, but with no success – or do I make it way more complicated than it has to be? If so, I am thankful for any help.

Note: this question is especially about ngrx/data

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