Image throws 404 Error when using app on server

Hi I checked several answers around the web but none of these worked yet, I located the image where it supposed to be by the most answers. The problem is that I have a loader component which contains a loader that pops up when doing something in my application and it needs some time to load. In local it works perfectly but when I use it on server it throws GET 404 error for the image that needs to be shown inside the loader circle. I’m using Angular 7.

Currently I have the image here: src/assets/image/logo.jpg

And this is how it looks in the component: <img src="../../assets/image/logo.jpg">

my workspace is like this: src --> app --> loader --> loadingComponent

What can cause the problem that it works good in local but doesn’t work when I run the app on Tomcat server

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Source Url Image throws 404 Error when using app on server