Ionic v4 Multiple Builds/Clients From Single Project

I’ve been looking for some articles related to how I can build multiple APK’s and IPA’s with Ionic v4. Although I’ve found some articles that use gulp to specifically change config.xml for Android builds, most of them are quite old and I fear they don’t cover anything about Ionic 4 and its evolution.

With that said, I’d like to ask if there’s any way one can prepare builds for Android and iOs for multiple clients using a single project. For instance:

I want to build an APK for Client A, so to override a default config.xml I’d have to use the following command:

ionic cordova prepare android --variables CLIENT-A

And the same would follow for iOs:

ionic cordova prepare ios --variables CLIENT-A

TL;DR: Programatically change APK and IPA pre-builds to change its ID’s, names, resources accordingly to multiple tenants/clients with one single ionic v4 project.

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