Custom and standard multiple filters in AngularJS

I have a angularJS list that I would like to implement several filters, one will be a custom filter.

<li ng-repeat="item in cumulus.items | orderBy: predicate:reverse 
               | filter:listSearch | filter:filteredDates"
    ng-show="cumulus.items.length > 0">

My filter listSearch is working properly and I already made a function for the filteredDates
based in these two inputs and on button click:

<input type="date" ng-model="filter_startDate" />
<input type="date" ng-model="filter_endDate" />
<button id="search" ng-click="dateRange(filter_startDate,filter_endDate, cumulus.items)" >Search</button>

My function is returning the right items on the console, all I need is to update the list with the returned value. Here is the function:

$scope.dateRange = function (initialDateVal, endDateVal, cumulusItems) {
    filteredDates = [];
    var parsedinitialDateVal = Date.parse(initialDateVal);
    var parsedendDateVal = Date.parse(endDateVal);
    console.log("Initial date:", initialDateVal, parsedinitialDateVal);
    console.log("End date:", endDateVal, parsedendDateVal);
    if (cumulusItems && initialDateVal && endDateVal) {

        angular.forEach(cumulusItems, function (item) {

            parsedItemCreationDate = Date.parse(item.creationDate);

            if (parsedItemCreationDate >= parsedinitialDateVal
                && parsedItemCreationDate <= parsedendDateVal) {



    return filteredDates;

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