Trying to iterate an array of objects in angular

Problem: Trying to iterate an array of objects in angular but only appears the first one. The service works, I’m getting the full response.

The angular service where I execute a get for all the assets:


      return this.http.get<Asset[]>(`${this.find}/${this.domain_id}/assets?asset_type=${asset_type}`, httpOptions);

The model of the Asset

export class Asset{
    asset_name: string;
    mac_address: string;
    floor: number;
    location: string;
    temperature: number;
    battery: number;
    timestamp_tlm: string;
    timestamp_geo: string;

The component.ts where i call the service and send the corresponding parameter.

ngOnInit() {
    this.whereisService.getAsset(this.asset_type).subscribe(assets => {

        this.assets = assets;
      else if(typeof assets === 'string' ){
        this.assets = [];
         this.assets = [assets];


The component.html

<div class="text-center">
    <ul id="ticket" class="list-unstyled my-2">
        <li class="btn w-100 bg-primary text-center text-white mx-0 my-2 display-block" *ngFor="let asset of rows_transformed let i = index">       
            <p class="h5"> Name: {{ asset?.asset_name }}</p>
            <p class="h5"> Tipo: {{ asset?.asset_type }}</p>
            <p class="h5"> Mac adress: {{ asset?.mac_address }}  </p>
            <p class="h5"> Piso: {{ asset?.floor }} </p>
            <p class="h5"> Localização: {{ asset?.location }} </p>
            <p class="h5"> Hora: {{ asset?.timestamp_tlm }} </p>

Response JSON from API

    "code": 200,
    "data": [
            "mac_address": "AC233F52BD17",
            "floor": -3,
            "asset_name": "Tripés microfone 1",
            "asset_type": "Carro trasnporte",
            "location": "Armazem 2",
            "temperature": 22.0,
            "battery": 74.0,
            "timestamp_tlm": "2019-11-22 10:17:49.563121+00:00",
            "timestamp_geo": "2019-11-22 10:17:49.563266+00:00"

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