Press behaviour in Angular 8 / Cordova App

This is something that is bugging me a lot. I see a lot of hybrid apps made in HTML5/JS that present this problem. To date, I havent found a reliable solution.

The problem is that, in mobile, with the regular and more used angular event: (click), as so:

<button (click)="dosomething()"></button>

There are 2 major problems:

1) When you press on it, and you do a long press, it will never, ever call the click action. If you havent defined or coded a long press, this a very very very very very bad UI behaviour. The “tap” is, therefore, badly implemented. If you go to your android calculator, you’ll see that when you press a number, and wait 5 seconds, when you release, it will trigger. Which is how it should work.

2) If you press it and move slightly, the action will not trigger. This is also something that is quite bad for UX purposes.

Does anyone know a solution to this or an alternative?


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