How map C# class to angular object

I have an object class and i want to use it in my core angular project. I can’t map the object return throuth the http get method. Any options please?

class file:

public class PricesRules
    public HashSet<Price> Prices { get; set; }
    public HashSet<Customer> Customers { get; set; }
    public HashSet<Payment> Payments { get; set; }
component.ts :

public prices: PricesRules;

constructor(private http: HttpClient, @Inject('BASE_URL') private baseUrl: string) {
  http.get<PricesRules>(baseUrl + 'api/UpdatePrices/GetLastPrices').subscribe(result => {
      this.prices = result[0];
}, error => console.error(error));

interface PricesRules {
Prices: any[];
Customers: any[];
Payments: any[];


controller file:

    public IEnumerable<PricesRules> GetLastPrices()
        PricesRules pricesRules = null;
        //some code here
        yield return pricesRules;

In my component i have good values in my result object, but my object prices in undefined after…


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