IndexedDB unexpectedly dropping documents?

We are running an angular web app that relies on proper usage of indexedDb in Chrome. A couple of our users have run into a problem where things seemingly “disappear” from their screen. We have been racking our brains on why this might be happening and finally found that the local document of whatever they were working on was gone from indexedDb. The amount of documents we store locally could range anywhere from 1000 to 100000+

There is only one distinct method in our app that allows a user to clear their local storage. This method is not called in any other area. It is safe to rule out this possibility.

My question: Is there any way for a document to just drop from indexedDb? This seems to be what is happening in our application. We have tried extensively to reproduce this problem without success.

Secondly: If this is possible, are there any ideas about efficiently logging when this might occur on either the client or the server?

Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

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