Angular "include" for Empty results

I want to show a HTML

tag for only 1 time inside a ngFor loop with an ngIf condition for Empty results.

<div *ngFor="let ndata of newsData; let i= index" (click)="redirect(ndata?.url)">
      <div class="news-cont" *ngIf="ndata.title.toLowerCase().includes(searchParam.toLowerCase())">
       <div class="row">
         <div class="col-md-2">
           <img class="m-img" src="{{ndata?.imageurl}}">
         <div class="col-md-10">
           <h5> <img class="ic-img" src="{{ndata?.source_info?.img}}"> {{ndata?.source_info?.name}}</h5>
           <h4> {{ndata?.title}}</h4>
           <h6><i class="pe pe-7s-clock"></i> {{ndata?.published_on * 1000 | date:'HH:mm | yyyy-MMM-dd'}} </h6>
           <p [innerHTML]="ndata?.body">  </p>
           <p><i class="pe pe-7s-ribbon"></i>  <span class="categories-tag">Catergories <span>{{ndata?.categories}}</span></span> </p>
        <p ANYCONDITION > No Results</p>

I have tried with other condition but for loop iterates it for each entry.
Expecting a good solution for this.

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