How to pass value from Angular unit test into dynamic HTML tag

I’d like to pass "test" value within my unit test to nodeName and nodeDisplayName in this dynamic HTML tag in order to display this checkbox.

my unit test:

it('checkbox is appearing', () => {
        const nodes= [{
          nodeDisplayName: "test",
          nodeName: "test"
         //  pass value to HTML code

        const checkbox= fixture.debugElement.query((de) => {
          return === 'test';

my HTML tag:

<div *ngFor="let node of nodes let i = index" class="multipleNodes">
    <label class="nodebtn bold" [id]=node.nodeName ngbTooltip="{{node.nodeDisplayName}}" tooltipClass="nodeTooltip">
         <input type="checkbox" attr.for="{{node}}" value="{{i}}" name="{{i}}" (change)="checkboxChange($event)">

expect HTML output (inspect):

<div class="multipleNodes">
      <label class="nodebtn bold active" tooltipClass="nodeTooltip" ng-reflect-tooltip-class="nodeTooltip" ng-reflect-ngb-tooltip="test" id="test">
            <input type="checkbox" for="[object Object]" value=0 name=0 >
                      " test "

The and n.displayName are actually from the previous page by clicking the particular element then send to this page, but I want to test only 'test' element.

the relevant piece of code in my .ts file:

@Input() data;
 ngOnInit() {
if ( === 'click') {
        this.setLinear = true;
        this.nodes = => {
          return {
            nodeDisplayName: n.displayName,

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