AWS’s JavaScript SDK Changing Angular.js Delimters

I am attemtping to implement a file explorer using the Amazon S3 Explorer Plugin from here: within a Django Project.

The ‘placeholders’ for the template in the HTML page are the same Django uses so I am getting errors while attempting to render the template with the same code provided in the index.html file. When I used Vue a bit ago I remember being able to change the selectors from {{ }} to whatever I wanted, how can I do this here?

This is Angular.js code.

I have tried to do this here without success:

angular.module('aws-js-s3-explorer', [], function($interpolateProvider) {
}).factory('SharedService', SharedService)
  .controller('ErrorController', ErrorController)
  .controller('ViewController', ViewController)
  .controller('AddFolderController', AddFolderController)
  .controller('InfoController', InfoController)
  .controller('SettingsController', SettingsController)
  .controller('UploadController', UploadController)
  .controller('TrashController', TrashController);

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