Filter MatTableDataSource using contents of array

I have a table within my Angular app that displays user data within its rows. I want to be able to filter this table using an Array of strings that represent user emails. If the user’s email exists in the array, then I don’t want the user to be displayed in the table.

I’ve had a look into filtering Angular material tables, specifically here where they use a single string to filter the table. All the examples I seem to find also involve using a single string, for example from the user specifying a filter string via an input.

However, I can’t find any solutions to using an array of strings to filter the data. Do I need to concatenate the whole array into a string and then pass this into the filterPredicate property?

    applyAddedUserFilter() {
        this._usersService.addedUsers$.subscribe((addedUsers: AddedUser[]) => {
          let addedUserEmails: string[] ={ email }) => email);

          this.users.filterPredicate = (user: GoogleUser, filter: string) => { //<-- What exactly do I need to do here to use my string[] to filter my table's results?
            //Unsure what I need to do here.

Also once I have the filter predicate set, where do I need to call this method. Is it enough to be able to call the method once the table has been constructed?

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