How to get Angular controller to change select options from incoming links (like get parameters)

I have an almost working plunkr and I believe there is something simple I am missing. If you look at the code you will see if you change the option value the state shows up correctly in the url and the controller correctly captures the variable set. I would like for people to hit the link that the $stateProvider creates when you selected an option, and it would have that option value selected already. Somehow the controller is being updated when you select manually, but not when you hit the same state from the URL

I have been searching through the documentation and it seems like it should work, but I’m not sure where the disconnect is. A side note is the app im working on is fairly robust so I would like to just pass the controller/params and avoid using templates if possible.

Expected output would be if you hit the url generated when you select and option, you would see that option is selected instead of the default “not selected” Thank you for your time!

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