Testing with Karma/Jasmine

Hi all,

I’m building an Angular app as a test for a job, part of the spec is to do some testing on the app. This isn’t something I’ve done before (and they are aware of that) and I don’t really know what I should be testing.

The app is a simple angular app that uses an api and displays the data returned and have the data be searchable/filterable, I make one call to the api and store all of the data, then the search and filter is on the stored data.

So far the testing I’ve done is creating a mock service to test the api calls, and a test of when the search returns no results, but I’m not sure what else I should be testing and how to do it. I thought maybe I should test every function? But I’m not sure how to do that, because I’ve not done any testing before.

Any suggestions/advice on what I should be testing would be great! Thanks

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