Anyone looking for an entry level job?

We're looking to hire an entry level guy for some angular work. Either a BS in a computer/math related field, or relevant experience would be nice. Even if it's a few small projects you've done on your own in angular, that would probably suffice.

We're a .net shop so any C# experience would be a plus but not required.

This is a full time job with benefits. We're 100% remote so you'd work from home. The company I work for is great, we're 100% employee owned.

Here's a link to the formal job description. Salary is probably around 50-70 depending on experience. There is definitely a ton of room for advancement with us too.

If you have any specific questions about the job or our company feel free to ask or PM me. You can PM me if you'd like to apply and send me your resume.

You can apply through our website if you don't feel comfortable sending stuff to me directly, but it'll go faster if you do

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