CSS issue with ngx-cron-editor

I have integrated https://www.npmjs.com/package/ngx-cron-editor. Issue is its css are not applying. classes which are defaul css in components are not applying enter image description here

 <div class="card-body" style="padding: 10px;text-align: left;display: flex;">
 <cron-editor [(cron)]="cronExpression" [disabled]="isCronDisabled" [(options)]="cronOptions"></cron-editor>

And in ts file:

    public cronExpression = '4 3 2 12 1/1 ? *';
  public isCronDisabled = false;
  public cronOptions: CronOptions = {
    formInputClass: 'form-control cron-editor-input',
    formSelectClass: 'form-control cron-editor-select',
    formRadioClass: 'cron-editor-radio',
    formCheckboxClass: 'cron-editor-checkbox',

    defaultTime: '10:00:00',
    use24HourTime: true,

    hideMinutesTab: false,
    hideHourlyTab: false,
    hideDailyTab: false,
    hideWeeklyTab: false,
    hideMonthlyTab: false,
    hideYearlyTab: false,
    hideAdvancedTab: false,

    hideSeconds: false,
    removeSeconds: false,
    removeYears: false

Source: AngularJS