How to get this angular – radio button’s value?

I am inside a kendo grid and displaying a list of cars for the user to select. The grid has only two columns. One- shows the car name and other a radio-button. The user could be here for the first time, in which case none of these radio-buttons load ‘selected/checked’. If the user already has a ‘CurrentCar’ from the list, the corresponding radio/car would display checked.

<input type="radio" name ="CarId" [(ngModel)]="dataItem.CarId" 
(ngModelChange)="selectCarId($event)" value="dataItem.CarId"/>


On the .ts file

public selectCarId(carid :number)
this.selectedCarId = carid;

Then I use the value of ‘this.selectedCarId’ on submit method of the form. I am totally new to angular. Is this the right approach? The problem I am faced with right now is that the grid always shows the radio-button in the last row as ‘selected’. And how do I get the radio button in the row of the existing ‘CurrentCar’ id as ‘checked’

Source: AngularJS