How to check the state of an angular-promise?

In my website, I have API’s for twitter and facebook which enables the “mentions” feature (the one that pops up whenever we use the @ symbol)

However, it is often that the access token for some feature is often expires resulting in the API not working. I store all my API’s in an array and then I need to check if the token has failed or not resulting in resolved or rejected API promise.

This is an older code that needs changing due $q.all. As $q.all works whenever all the promises have been resolved, thus triggering the .then() call, this results in the .then() function NEVER working in my case (as the Facebook API is never working)

I need to find a condition where each API is checked and the .then() runs for only that API that is resolved (twitter in this case) and ignores the failed API (Facebook in this case)

        if (selectedIds.allowed.TW) {
            subUserId: selectedIds.allowed.TW,
            name: searchTerm

        if (selectedIds.allowed.FB || selectedIds.allowed.FB_PAGE || 
            selectedIds.allowed.FB_GROUP) {
          $ = true;
            subUserId: selectedIds.allowed.FB_PAGE || selectedIds.allowed.FB 
            || selectedIds.allowed.FB_GROUP,
            name: searchTerm

        if (usersApi.length) {
          $q.all(usersApi).then(function (responses) {
            var tags1 = responses[0];
            tags1.forEach(function (tag, i) {
              tags1[i].name ="/g, "");
            $ = tags1;
            if (usersApi.length > 1) {
              var tags2 = responses[1]
              tags2.forEach(function (tag, i) {
                tags2[i].name ="/g, "");
              $ = $;
      }, 500);
    } else {
      $ = [];
      $ = false;

Source: AngularJS