How to use a boolean variable on a filter when filtering ng-repeat?

I have difficulty trying to filter an ng-repeat list using a boolean from a select option

I’ve tried just placing the boolean from select with the {{}} and without the brackets.

    <select ng-model="mybool" ng-options="o.v as o.n for o in 
        [{ n: 'Not included', v: false }, { n: 'Included', v: true }]">

This is the html in the table

<tr ng-repeat="item in model.items | filter:{enabled:mybool}">

<tr ng-repeat="item in model.items | filter:{enabled:{{mybool}}">

this is in the javascript file

$scope.mybool = true;

The list no longer displays when using the mybool variable. It only shows If I use the datatype true or false. I expect to see only the options where enabled is set to true or set false depending on what the option selected is.

<tr ng-repeat="item in model.items | filter:{enabled:true}">
<tr ng-repeat="item in model.items | filter:{enabled:false}">

these work but obviously they aren’t dynamic since they are not linked to the select option.

I am new to angular and come from a java background so this is confusing me

Source: AngularJS