How can I get my nested ng-repeat form inputs to stop updating each other?

My input fields are updating each other!

There’s clearly some pass-by-reference shenanigans here, but I can’t figure it out.

I have a custom directive that I’m setting up with ng-repeat:

<my-dir ng-repeat="obj in mio" obj="obj" other="otro" unique-name="_{{$index}}"></my-dir>

This directive contains a form whose inputs are also ng-repeating directives. (Each instance of the form needs the same set of inputs.)

Things I have done:

  • Given each my-dir form and each input element within it a unique id
  • Tried to use a composite track by in the nested ng-repeat (i.e. track by uniqueName + input.varname), but couldn’t seem to pass in variables from the parent scope
  • Wrapped the nested ng-repeat in an ng-if to see if that created a convenient isolate scope

My input fields are still updating each other.

Additional code

in my-dir.html:

<form name="{{uniqueName}}">
    ng-repeat="input in otro.inputs"

and in parameter-directive.html:

<label for="{{name}}" class="pull-left">{{name}}</label>
  ng-required="{{defaultValue == null}}"
  id="{{idKey + '_' + name}}"

(Happy to also include code from the directive js, but this question is already quite long.)

Source: AngularJS