Confused in choosing data grid with grouping, Sorting, Multi-Select Filtering in Angular1

I am very new to Angular and in my project we are using Angular js 1.7.2 version with bootstrap 3.0 and jquery UI 1.10.0

I have a requiremnet to show Data Grid with Grouping based on similar column values.
Also filtering by column’s distinct value as multi select option. For example if there is Country column with options as

enter image description here

Then, I want filtering option on the header of Country with multi select option showing unique items from the Country column as options like Australia, India, Japan, United States as checkbox.

I am looking for free data grid options. I researched and tried ng-grid, Angular ui-grid(which itself is advanced version of ng-grid)

Also I see jquery UI itself providing data grid option.

So I am confused with so many plugins as which to use.

  1. I see Angular UI-Grid as unstable, is it okay to use?? (I tried)
  2. Or to go with ng-grid? (I tried)
  3. JQuery UI-Grid? (Previous developer added this for some requirement)
  4. Or Some other plugin which is better than above?

This project is already been developed by other developers and Jquery UI was added for some requirement. Now is it possible to use grouped Data Grid with UI or I can go with ng-grid or UI-Grid or some other?

I need suggestion from developers who had already used data grid in their experience.

Source: AngularJS