Packages tables are not loaded in Admin Panel

Manage Packages section in Admin Panel not loaded

My website is hosted on godaddy Linux-VPS server and built using technologies such as Yii2 framework, PHP, MySQL, AngularJS. I use Admin Panel to add coach profiles and then I add packages against coach to complete profile.

However since past one week, I am successfully able to create coach profiles but when I click on ‘Add Packages’ it works very poorly. Most of the times compete module is not loaded at all and form doesn’t accept any inputs. Form also has drop-down menu where dropdown list also doesn’t get displayed. Sometimes this gets resolved when I open in incognito mode. Sometimes when that doesn’t work I have to completely restore older back-up and it starts working. However due to this I loose the newly added data between back-up period.

I need to know reason why this happens and how can I fix this. Is any of the below possibility true regarding this?
– Developer had stopped working with us two weeks ago and he updated any settings?
– Disk Space is full?
– Need to flush tables? If yes then how?

As there are multiple tables and others load correctly but only ‘packages’ one doesn’t so I don;t think second possibility

Source: AngularJS