FREE Udemy Course – NestJS From Zero to Hero (Angular-like, for the back-end)

Finally! Finally I have released my "NestJS – Zero to Hero" course to Udemy.

I spent over 100 hours on this course. The course (currently) consists of over 100 lectures and 6 hours of video. More is coming.

The framework (as well as the CLI) was heavily inspired by the Angular framework – so it is a great step for Angular developers who want to dive into back-end development!

Throughout the course, the students build a real-world application (REST API) using the NestJS Framework – a framework used to develop modern back-end applications using TypeScript.

The course covers the most important topics of back-end development – authorization, authentication, security, storing sensitive information, configuration management, performance and so much more.

If you'd like to enroll, here is a free coupon code: REDDIT_FREE (limited to 500 enrollments)

If you'd like to pay anyway, that's greatly appreciated. Here is a $9 coupon code: NESTJS_2019_50OFF

P.S: If you know CS/Software Engineering/Bootcamp students who'd like to learn this technology, please tell them to send me a message and I'll give them a free copy (after this promo has expired).

Sharing is greatly appreciated! Enjoy my content!

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