Angular Translate not working with $location.path in AngularJS

I have an AngularJS 1.0.7 web app. For translations I´m using Angular Translate (it´s an old version that is compatible with my angular version, but the translations are working initially). I´m sorry that I´m not able to migrate to a newer version at this moment, so that is not a solution.

I have an strange issue. In home page I have two links to a same page B (let´s say about). But, one is a real link and the other is a button that executes a function with a redirection with $location.path(page-b) to page B.


<a href="/:language/about">Link without location.path</a>
<button ng-click="test()">Redirection with location.path</button>

Home controller:

        $translate.refresh().then(function() {
            // do whatever

$scope.test = function() {

Page B (about.html):

Hello {{var1}}

Page B has a controller that loads some partial translation json files in angular translate, like:


$translate.refresh().then(function(result) {
    $scope.var1 = $translate('LABEL');              

For some reason, when I click in the link in home page or I´m in page about and reload it the translations works great and I can see them. I mean the translations are working.
But if I click the button that redirects to page about with $location.path, the translation is not working. I mean, only it´s not working in the scenario that the new page is loaded with $location.path.

Please find this plunker:, that I´m not able to make it work do to the partials, but it´s ok for a better understanding of the structure.

Please let me know if you are missing anything.

If I´m not wrong this issue is pretty similar or exactly like this: but to be honest, I´m not able to find a workaround at the moment.

Source: AngularJS