Javascript got wrong date when retrieve data from server [on hold]

I am using Spring boot and Angularjs 1.7.

I have a API which will return some Object from DB. But somehow backend and frontend shows different dates.

For example, in db, if one object has created on 2018-10-01 06:10:12 AM, and I did the query and do log, it outputs correct date. But when I use AngularJS to call that API and retrieve that object, somehow the created on date become 2018-10-01T11:10:12.

I thought it might be the timezone issue(not likely), but for different objects, the difference is different, some are 4 hours apart, some are 5 hours.

This is a very simple API service, nothing fancy, query from table and return what is in the table, then on UI display the data. I even put a break right before controller returns, it also has the correct date, but when I do a console log on UI, the date will be few hours apart.

Anyone know the issue?

Source: AngularJS