How do I load data from the server by default when the input is cleared in angularjs syntax es6?

I’m downloading data from the server. I have an input that searches for football clubs. Everything is ok. When typing ‘manchester’, it will search for ‘Manchester Utd’ and ‘Manchester City’. When I remove the ‘manchester’, I want to in the situation when input will be empty that it loaded by default ‘london’

  <input type="search" ng-model="query" ng- 
  change="$ctrl.callGetClubs(query)" placeholder="filter" />

 class ClubsController {
        constructor(ClubService) {
        this.ClubService = ClubService;

    callGetClubs(query) {
      this.clubs = null;
      this.ClubService.getClubs(query).then(response => 
           this.clubs =;


export default ClubsController;

Expectations: 1.Typing ‘manchester’ —> display clubs from manchester 2.Delete ‘manchester —> display default clubs from ‘london’

Source: AngularJS