We implemented lazy loading feature on listing page and we are observing white screen when user press back button from product detail page

We are trying to retain the position on the listing page when user click on product card from listing page and navigate back from the product detail page back to listing page

[On mobile responsive]

We basically breakdown listing page into frames

1 Frame – 20 Product Items

So let’s say you clicked on the product from Frame 3 (that starts from the 40th product) when the user navigates back to listing page, we redirect the user to frame 3 starts but when we scroll up (IN the direction of Frame 2, Frame 1) we observe the white screen

<li ui-scroll="item in datasource">{{item}}</li>
angular.module('application', ['ui.scroll'])
  .controller('mainController', ...

    var get = function(index, count, success) { ... };

    $scope.datasource = { get: get };



Source: AngularJS