ng-repeat deosn’t the data from JSON object in the HTML Template

I am trying to render a json as a table in a HTML Template using angularjs ng-repeat element. The script file passes the JSON object, but the ng-repeat wont render the contents of JSON.

I followed the steps from this tutorial link.

html template section where ng-repeat doesn’t render properly

<div ng-controller="WorkflowShowCntrl">
   <table class="table striped">
        <th>Job Name</th>
        <th>Job Id</th>
        <th>Start Time</th>
         <tr  ng-repeat="ttm in records.response" >
            <td>{{}} </td>
            <td>{{ttm.status}} </td>
            <td>{{}} </td>
            <td>{{}} </td>

angularjs 1.6.6

.then(function(response) {
    $scope.records = {"response"}
    $scope.parseItem = function(string)
        var newString = string.replace(/['']/g,'');
        var jsonFormated = JSON.parse(newString);
        return jsonFormated.Message;

Google chrome inspector : Section inspection screenshot
I have used an angularjs add-on inspector for chrome.

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