adding news in feed when navigating through pages

I am trying to add news in my feed, from addNews.html, but when i click ADDtoNews it pushes new data in the array but does not show the new added news

in addNews.html

Title: <input ng-model="enteredTitle" type="text"/>
ImgURL: <input ng-model="enteredUrl" type="text"/>
Description: <input ng-model="enteredDesc" type="text"/>
<a href="#!/"><button ng-click="addingNews()">ADDtoNEWS</button></a>

in index.html

newsApp.config(function($routeProvider) {
          when('/', {
            templateUrl: 'newsFeed.html',
            controller: 'NewsCtrl'
          when('/addnew', {
            templateUrl: 'addNews.html',
            controller: 'NewsCtrl'
            redirectTo: '/'

newsApp.controller('NewsCtrl', function ($scope){
$scope.newsFeed = [];
$scope.addingNews = function() {

            title: $scope.enteredTitle,
            url: $scope.enteredUrl,
            description: $scope.enteredDesc
          $scope.enteredTitle = "";
          $scope.enteredUrl = "";
          $scope.enteredDesc = "";
          console.log($scope.newsFeed.length) ;

in newsFeed.html

<a ng-href="#!/addnew"><button type="submit">ADD</button></a>
<div ng-repeat="n in newsFeed">
        <img ng-src="{{n.url}}" alt="sorry cannot load img" />

Source: AngularJS