Import Functionality Mismatch

There’s this project on which I’m working on, and it has a functionality to automatically fill data fields in the UI based upon importing a file with some particular syntax.

BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.cashEquivalents = 10
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.netReceivables = 11
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.inventories = 12
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.otherCurrentAssets = 13
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.capitalAssets = 14
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.dealerOwnedRentalFleet = 15
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.dealerOwnedRentalFleetAC = 16
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.dealerOwnedRentalFleetRD = 17
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.otherNonCurrentAssets = 18
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.catAccountsPayable = 19
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.otherAccountsPayable = 20
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.shortTermDebt = 21
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.otherShortTermDebt = 22
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.otherCurrentLiabilities = 23
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.longTermDebt = 24
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.otherLongTermDebt = 25
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.otherNonCurrentLiabilities = 26
BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.totalEquity = 27

This is how the import file, which is a normal text file, looks like. The ‘BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis’ is the name of the page where these fields are and the next corresponding names are the names of fields which I’m importing the values of.

The problem I face here is that for some fields, that is from the start of the file to the ‘BalanceSheetAssetAnalysis.catAccountsPayable = 19’, whatever values I pass, the corresponding result in the UI is 0. It does not take the value in. However, for the next remaining fields, this same functionality works perfectly fine. The values I import are reflected in the UI correspondingly. Also cross-checked, all of these values are reflected in the database too, but just not in the UI for the above said statements.

Can anyone help me out regarding this? Also, please ask if you need some clarification upon this part. Bear with me since I’m a beginner. Thanks!

Source: AngularJS