Linking to new view – same window

Learning how to use angular and ran into my first issue.

I have a "homepage" that is basically a log in screen via pulling in the html from a "splash" component (loading via <app-splash> in app.component.html.

Everything from there works fine.

I have a button on that view that you click and it'll open another module called "main" Now i'm using route-linking to control this and I can see the url change up top but the view stays the same. When I try to hit that url directly it gives me the same view as "splash". If I remove <app-splash> and replace it with <app-main> I see the "main" html stuff – as expected.

However, what i'm trying to accomplish is basically clearing out the "splash" view and putting in the "main" view. Is that possible with Angular 7 – clearly i'm going about this all wrong.


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