How can i change a row in table after ng-repeat with filter

I’m making UI like Excel. But i have a big trouble.

I need when i click to update button, and only THIS row in table change template to edit (like

to …). But i cannot do it.
Thai is my way:

<tbody dir-paginate="student in ClassStudents | filter: search | itemsPerPage: 20 track by $index">
    <tr ng-show="NormalMode">

            <button class="btn btn-primary">Detail</button>
            <button ng-click="updateEvent($index)" class="btn btn-primary">
            <button class="btn btn-primary">Delete</button>
    <tr ng-show="EditorMode">
        <td><input type="text" ng-model="student.Student.StudentName"></td>
            <button class="btn btn-primary">Save</button>
            <button class="btn btn-primary">Cancel</button>

In my AngularJS Controller, i dont know how to write it for true. Can you help me to do this UI? So many thanks!

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Source: AngularJS