AngularJS and Electron: Can’t run AngularJS application inside Electron

I create simple game using HTML 5, CSS 3, EcmaScript 6, AngularJS 1.7.7, and JQuery 3.3.1. The game run smoothly when tested using Firefox, but when I ported it into desktop application using Electron the game goes wrong. It show errors in electron debugger like I screenshot below.

Errors in Electron

The game when run in browser run smoothly like I screenshot below.

Browser Version of Game

Because Electron based on Chromium and node.js, I tested it on Chrome too. When I tested using Chrome the game run smoothly. I can’t find out what’s wrong with the code. I search in google just to found out question and answer about Angular CLI, TypeScript, and Electron, but I am using native Javascript, JQuery, AngularJS, and Electron so their question and answer is useless for me.

I post web version of my game in GitHub, for javascript file you can look at this link. Desktop version of game is nearly same with web version, the only differences is new file of main.js and package.json. For script in main.js and package.json, you can look at end of this question (all other resources like images, sounds, and etc have loaded correctly, the problem I found is AngularJS and functions.js file).


const { app, BrowserWindow } = require('electron')

let win

function createWindow() {
    win = new BrowserWindow({
        fullscreen: true



    win.on('closed', () => {
        win = null

app.on('ready', createWindow)

app.on('window-all-closed', () => {
    if(process.platform !== 'darwin') {

app.on('activate', () => {
    if(win ===  null) {


    "name": "borneo-space-war",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "description": "Simple space shooting game with unique concept.",
    "main": "main.js",
    "scripts": {
        "test": "echo "Error: no test specified" && exit 1",
        "start": "electron ."
    "author": "Atallabela Yosua",
    "license": "GNU General Public License v3.0",
    "devDependencies": {
        "electron": "^4.1.0"

Source: AngularJS