Angular js solve a different format of a json array of objects

Based on the result below , how can an angular for each loop be able to solve that json array of objects format ? The value is title and the id is key. Any Idea? Thank you.


me.record.questionaires = []
angular.forEach(detail.questionaires, function (value, key) {
            me.record.questionaires.push({ "id": key, "title": value })


Formated json data (detail.questionaire result)

   "{'sub_title': 'dsadsa', 'instruction': 'You Must',…elimit': '01:05:19', 'title': 'asdsa', 'id': 133}",
   "{'sub_title': 'sdasdsa', 'instruction': None, 'cre…melimit': '05:30:09', 'title': 'asda', 'id': 131}"

Source: AngularJS