getting null ID to back-end through Url in rest controller

I am getting ID Null to back-end which is parameter passing from front-end

    this.overAllSummery = function(offset,limit,search,colName,order,id){

    var url = 'api/dashboard/summary/'

        if(offset!= undefined){
            url=(url.indexOf("?") > -1)?url+"&offset="+offset:url+"?offset="+offset;
        if(limit != undefined){
            url=(url.indexOf("?") > -1)?url+"&limit="+limit:url+"?limit="+limit;
        if(search!=undefined && search!=""){
            url=(url.indexOf("?") > -1)?url+"&search="+search:url+"?search="+search;
        if(colName != undefined){
            url=(url.indexOf("?") > -1)?url+"&colName="+colName:url+"?colName="+colName;
        if(order != undefined){
            url=(url.indexOf("?") > -1)?url+"&order="+order:url+"?order="+order;

        if(id != undefined){
            url=(url.indexOf("?") > -1)?url+"&id ="+id:url+"?id ="+id;
        var promise = $http({
            method : 'GET',
            url : url,
            headers : {
                'Content-Type' : 'application/json'
            cache : false
        }).then(function (response) {
            return response;
        return promise;     

Whole above is front-end service using AngularJS and passing URL to call back-end, As I am passing different parameters I am getting all those to back-end except ID, and based Id I have to fetch records from DB.

    @RequestMapping(value = "/summary", method = RequestMethod.GET, produces="application/json")
public ResponseEntity<List<OverAllSummery>> overAllSummery(HttpServletRequest request,@RequestParam(value="offset",required=false) Integer offset,@RequestParam(value="limit",required=false) Integer limit,
@RequestParam(value="search",required=false) String search,@RequestParam(value="colName",required=false) String colName,@RequestParam(value="order",required=false) String order,
@RequestParam(value="id",required=false) Long id){

try {

    return new ResponseEntity<List<OverAllSummery>>(DashbordService.overAllSummery(offset,limit,search,colName,order,id), HttpStatus.OK);
} catch (Exception exception) {
    logger.error("Error retriving all categories", exception);
    return new ResponseEntity<List<OverAllSummery>>(HttpStatus.INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR);

Above is the rest controller I am using, call is passing to back-end to in debug mode but ID is coming null and I am getting 404 in front-end console.

enter image description here

Above you can see after adding URL in alert, where ID=1 but, after call going to back-end that id becoming null

enter image description here

you can see above that Id in API

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