Reloading Chrome Devtools Sidebar Without Collapsing Objects

I am developing a chrome devtools extension with the purpose of supporting real-time updates to an object within the sidebar. So far I have been successful in enabling real-time observation of changes of the object. However, after the change in the object occurs, I have no way of refreshing the object in the sidebar without collapsing it. The object has many properties within it, so collapsing it on update is a big road-block to the purpose of the extension – observing an object’s property changes in real time.

Currently I am using setExpression() to populate the sidebar with the object. This is flexible; I could use setObject() or setPage() to achieve the same thing. What I need to know is: are there any ways to refresh/update an object, (or even a single property of an object), in a sidebar without having the object collapse?

Source: AngularJS