Calculation Errors? [on hold]

There’s this piece of code I’m trying to solve for calculating errors, which includes importing a statement and based upon imports directly calculating the statement values. Now there are two ways to calculate the values, one being explicitly entering the values in the GUI, the other, of-course, being the import statement file (which is imported as .txt file).

The problem I face is that when I enter values in the GUI and see the calculation results, I get the correct response/answer. But when I use the import statements, I get calculation error for a single field. I don’t know whats going wrong here, because if the calculation logic was bad, it should produce wrong results for both the explicit and the import statement results. But the erroneous results are only in the case of import statements. I am using Angular and Java, of which I have close to none experience.

Any ideas where the error might be? The import functionality or calculation files?

Source: AngularJS