Display number in brackets using toLocaleString for negative values

I have been trying to change the numbers in AngularJS application according to the countries and used .toLocaleString function over entire application using below function

numberValueTransformation(value) {
    if (value === 0 || value === undefined) {
      return 0;
    const currencyLocale = this.UserPreferences.getCountryLocale().replace(/fr-FR/g, 'de-DE');
    const currencyCode = this.UserPreferences.getCountryCode();
    return Number(value).toLocaleString(currencyLocale, {
      // style: 'currency',
      currency: currencyCode,
      minimumFractionDigits: 2

The above function works perfectly fine but I have a requirement to show the negative values in brackets over whole application. Can we modify .toLocaleString to get the negative values in brackets or do I need to change in the entire application manually?
I get the value as $123456689. But if a negative value i get -$123456789, but here i want the value as ($123456789) <— brackets represents minus.

Source: AngularJS